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Friday, August 8, 2008

Spinning Hook Kick Tutorial version 1

Video by kyryllo

Step by step, basics:
Turn around 180°
bend the supporting leg a little
stick your butt out
watch over the shoulder
the upper body rotates somewhat in the kick direction

hold your kicking leg loose but straight
throw it in an arcuated motion
stretch the supporting leg
the hip leads the motion not the leg!
bend down your upper body
the angle between supporting leg and body should not be under 110°-120°
the shoulder/scapula point to the target

shortly before the foot reaches the target rotate the upper body in the opposite of the kick direction while flexing the gluteus which give the leg the last bit of acceleration

when hitting the target the leg is straight
after hitting the target you can bend the leg or just swing it out

Practice the kicking motion on the wall like it is shown in the video, while doing it make sure both of your hands are on the wall when you do the kick and release them only as soon as you "hit the target", other wise you could over turn the body which would mess up the whole technique. Don't swing the arms too much. If the basic technique works try to begin the kicking motion while turning around as it is shown around sec. 00:40 into the video, faster.

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