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Friday, August 8, 2008

Jumping Back Kick Tutorial

Video by kyryllo

The korean term is apbal joogo twio dwi Chagi. Apbal joogo means front foot feinting skipping motion, twio dwi chagi is jump back kick.

The first step is to bring your rear foot to your front leg creating a skipping motion. As you do this, throw your body into the opponent's safety zone. The second step is execute a jumping back kick with the rear leg, without losing your balance. To do so, align your body in the air so that you don't rotate excessively.

The primary target is the middle section. The secondary is the head which may result in a knockout if done correctly and with sufficient force. In competition, you must do this technique confidently. Once you start, there is no way back. Relax your muscles just before you jump and follow through with firm conviction.

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