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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let it Rain!

The rainy season is just around the corner. I remember our kids complaining about the rain everytime they go to school. Whenever we visit the mall, they always convince us to buy them a pair of boots, which we disagree with. The reason - the design is not that good, or the sizes available don't fit them. So 2 years had gone by, they just stopped convincing us and forgot about it, until last year.

One time, I saw my former officemate wearing this flashy pair of boots (this time I remember my 2 kids) when she came into the office one rainy evening. So I asked her in a jokingly manner - "What's the boots all about?". She just smiled back. Days passed by, and suddenly I got an email from her (actually she emailed all of us in the office), inviting us to visit her booth at Rockwell. I was able to tell about this to my wife and she exitedly told me that we check it out. And so we did.

At the Rockwell tent, I left them (my wife and kids) at Esel's booth to check out the bank. And when I returned, she told me about this funny event that took place when I was gone. Apparently while she was fitting and finding her size, our two kids - Randell and Princess - were also starting to choose their designs and started to fit as well. So in the ended up buying 3 pairs of new Plueys boots. They even started wearing it as we stroll inside the mall. The smile in their faces really reveals that they were happy and excited.

Yes, Plueys are for gals and kids alike!

Now they are ready for the rain this school year.

Maybe your asking, what is this Plueys you are talking on..

"It is called Plueys because this boots are made for rain, and “pluie” (ploo·wi) means just that in French. These are boots made from real durable rubber with soft cotton lining and sturdy treaded soles for comfort and function. Originally distributed in the United States, the UK, now Plueys-mania will rock Manila.

With Plueys, it is our humble goal to help you find meaning in the little things, to re-awaken your childhood appreciation for rain even when you have to brave our quick-flooding streets, to make your lives a little brighter, to have you happily celebrating, even hoping for rain."

-Plueys website

There are a lot of cool designs to choose from ... and come August this year ... new designs will be introduced.

Visit their site at or

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