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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The start of being a jin

I could still recall Randell's first week with the San Sebastian Taekwondo team. He does not want to join the warm-ups and all. Understandable, he's new, that's why he was a bit shy.

But as the weeks pass by, he learned how to mingle with other kids. He started to become athletic as he can. He pushes himself to the limit everytime the coach says so.

Months after, came his first promotional stint held at the courts of Ateneo de Manila University. I can feel he's trembling and really nervous, and I don't blame him. Even I and my wife Laarni are nervous as well. This is his first - and the first always brings the chill. To cut the story short, he received his first color belt - the yellow belt. Yep, that's right - he is now a yellow belter jin (a taekwondo term as the call the athlete). Then he went on joining the first ever San Sebastian Taekwondo Open.

The mini-tournament went smoothly as planned. Many jins from around Metro Manila including those from Ateneo, and even as far as Cavite joined. Well, I am just proud to announce that my son got his first gold medal in sparring after a fierce fight with a jin from Lourdes. He also received a bronze medal in the individual poom-sae event.

This is a start of something big for him - I can see it. Now, my wife and I are planning to have this thing taken seriously. We even bought a complete training gear for him and got Coach Roger as his personal trainor. We want him to excel in this sport - and be the best that he can be.
Only God knows what'll happen in the future, but I know in my heart, this is what my son wants - and we'll support him all the way.

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